3rdNut is a human achievement program where I created an on-boarding process for
new users, enhanced the Ambassador program, and improved overall user experience.

Tools Utilized

  • Adobe InDesign
  • Stickie Notes / Hand drawing / Prototyping
  • WordPress

Skills Used

  • UX Design (competitive research, information architecture, interviewing / testing, wireframing, user flow, site maps)
  • Graphic Design / Branding 


Build a hierarchy in the main navigation of 3rdNut.com
Create clear on-boarding and introductory pages for first time tribe members


Design Inspiration

3rdNut (inital) user flow7.jpg


Looking at Airbnb's website home page there is a clear hierarchy of MVP. I wanted to create something along the lines of this for 3rdNut where new visitors to the site will get brought in, not just visually but will want to interact!


Early New User Flows

3rdNut (inital) user flow2.jpg

User Chart


I created this diagram of different level of users to help to executives gain a clear understanding of all the different levels of users arriving to their site, from brand new-comers to lead ambassadors who are sponsored and trying to recruit others!


Site Map


This site map may seem overwhelming but don't be alarmed!
This is the site map of the seven different levels of users combined but it lists all the information laid out on the 3rdNut website.


Initial Information Architecutre
of Home Page Navigation



You can see in the top navigation the hierarchy I had mentioned before. After working with 3rdNut's CEO, we had to incorporate some more details for new features that are being added.


Metrics of Success

Increase of new user sign up, influencers and user engagement.

View active site at 3rdNut.com