Fernweh is an app for travelers to experience a city as a local. Its recommendations
for spots around the city are written by other users while utilizing a downloadable map. 

Programs Utilized

  • Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator
  • Invision
  • Digital Photography
  • Hand Sketching / Stickie Notes
  • The Noun Project

Skills Used

  • User Research (Interviewing, testing, competitive, outside research, onsite)
  • UX Design (wireframing, storyboarding, site maps)
  • Graphic Design
  • Branding


Problem Statement

Millennials need a way to get the most
satisfaction out of their travels because
many find a lack of connection to the culture. 


Analysis Pulled from User Testing and Research


User Persona

Meet Kayla

“Touristy places are overrated... It loses its culture
for everyone and the quality goes down.” 

Age - 22
Occupation - Student
Residence - Boston, MA
Hobbies - Art, Pilates, Baking
Takes a couple international trips a year; Asia and Europe so far.
Travels with her boyfriend, Vincenzo, and researches before a trip.

User Goals
Kayla wants to feel satisfied after each trip taken because she is adventurous and sociable. She aims for doing what the locals do! 

Pain Points
She lacks time for the amount of preparation. She usually gets stuck in “touristy” places and feels let down from some parts of her trip.


Story Board of Existing Experience

story board.jpg

Research Analysis on a Trip

Competitor anlysis.jpg

Ideal User Flow

user flow-2.jpg

Information Architecture Layout

inofrmation architecture.jpg

Card Sorting and Solidifying Thoughts

Prioritizing the main focuses of the app: “Recommendations” and “Maps” (specifically downloadable maps)
This beginning layout helped me clarify my ideas and also test existing apps for inspiration.
Stickie Notes help me layout my ideas and start a wireframe to move around menus and ideas quickly


Paper Prototype


Graphic Inspiration


User Testing 


I began iterations of the project involving every aspect that a traveler might want. I hired a graphic designer to help brand and create this app. I narrowed down the app to the necessities; recommendations and downloadable maps. From user testing, as you can see on the left, I tested this while abroad in Florence, Italy. Many users asked “can I download it yet?!” This was due to the ability to save multiple pins of favorite recommended places to one downloadable map. This was a revolutionary idea I discovered.


How to use Fernweh

Preview Invision prototype here.

Downloading a Map

  • New users start by downloading a map of the city they are going to visit or are in (uses data)
  • After doing so (without data) the user will either be able to move and navigate throughout the city (like Maps.Me app)
  • They will can go under “Recommendations” when using data and find new things to do based on their saved map. 
  • Without data, they can view their saved “Recommendations”

Using Recommendations and Maps

  • They can save favorite recommendations that is either written by the developers or other users that is verified by the developers
  • From there, they can save, as a "Pin," the address of the recommendation on to their downloaded map for reference later or just use their downloaded map regularly still without data!

Other Features

  • I created an emergency call button on the bottom right
  • Based on research, majority of young travelers (and 100% of women) found security in a cell phone in case of emergencies
  • I created this feature to be an emergency call to contact the local police of which ever country you are traveling in or a hotline of a future Fernweh call center to help travelers. This is part of the future vision of Fernweh.

 Branding and More


How do people hear about apps nowadays?

Majority of apps are downloaded from users browsing the App Store. They are downloaded based on existing ratings, images and price (obviously.) But what about travel apps who are trying to reach people who don't want to be on their phones all the time or are trying to get away from those over crowded places? 


I printed 1,000 stickers of my logo I designed and helped to brand this project. It started as a fun idea, but when I noticed how people placed stickers and their reaction, I decided to innovate a new way of advertising through modern graffiti: stickers! 

So next steps when this app can be furthered by backed up research and user testing, I will create a link or QR code on the sticker. For now, there are thousands of "Fernweh" stickers placed around Boston, San Francisco and even some around European cities.


Preview Invision prototype here.