Greencademy's goal is to get children interested into gardening
by showing them how to grow veggie, fruits and herbs in their home.

Tools Utilized

  • Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop
  • The Noun Project
  • Stickie Notes / Hand drawing / Prototyping

Skills Used

  • User Research (Interviewing & competitive analysis)
  • UX Design (wireframing, user flow, storyboarding, site maps)
  • Graphic Design
  • Branding

Problem Statement

 Parents and children have not started to garden because there is a lack of information on how to go about
doing so in urban environments and they think they do not have the time or space in their home.

Below are examples of existing attempts of home gardening in urban environments.



Below is a matrix analyzing kids gardening products on a scale of experience gained and ease of use.

Copy of Greencademy Kids Box (dragged).jpg


User Persona

Meet Andrea

“I love the idea of gardening but I've never had time to really try it out and I would love to get my daughter interested as well!”

Age - 32
Status - Married (Friedrich)
Children - Sarah (3 years old)
Occupation - Art Director
Income - €42,000
Residence - Berlin
Education - College Grad
Hobbies include hiking, doing art and anything outside!

User Goals
Andrea wants more information on how to grow and harvest plants at home together with her family.

Pain Points
Andrea lacks informations information and knowledge on gardening. Additionally, she does not know what resources she will need so she's timid to buy anything when she doesn't know either.


In Person Research

Potential Users.jpg


During Startup Weekend Berlin (November 2017) Jelena Acker, founder and pictured on the right, and the Greencademy team, went out to Berlin to collect data from interviews. We gained insight from people about their gardening habits, aspirations and daily lifestyles that helped us understand our audience. 

Below, is our breakdown and analysis of the data we collected from the interviews as well as my explanation to the team of analyzing the organizing that information into user goals and needs.


 Initial User Flow

Below is the initial user flow during the on-boarding process
when our team first thought this through, overtime, this process has changed.


Digital User Flow Brief

Below I created a user flow that simplified and narrowed down the on-boarding process.
This was a visual and clarified way to help sell the product to potential investors.