A simplified cooking app for those who are aspiring to be more health conscious.

Tools Utilized

  • Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Xd
  • Sketch
  • Invision
  • The Noun Project
  • Stickie Notes / Hand drawing / Prototyping

Skills Used

  • User Research (Interviewing, testing, competitive, analysis)
  • UX Design (wireframing, user flow, storyboarding, site maps)
  • Graphic Design
  • Branding

Problem Statement

Millennials need a way to cook healthier and more efficiently,
because they find they lack good nutrition in many of their meals.


User Persona

Meet Sarah

“I will cook with what I have but a lot of the time I just don’t have the time or energy to try new things. I wish I did”

Age - 24
Occupation - Store Manager
Income - $36,000
Residence - San Francisco
Education - College Grad
Hobbies - Art, Pilates, Baking

User Goals
Wants new and creative recipes with something efficient and simple which she can aim for beneficial nutrition in every meal

Pain Points
Lacks time to cook what’s needed and unsure of new foods and how to use them. She wants to explore new foods but doesn’t know how to get enough access (friends lack information)



True Dish - comp.jpg


An app intended to help users build a healthier lifestyle and eat routine, Superfoods has good intentions, but is text heavy and poorly oorganized.


iHerb helps users find informations about certain foods. It goes into details about newer superfoods and is up to date. It helps with people who are informed and know a background of what they want but it does not feel as personalized. 

Garden Plate

This cooking app was similar to my users' goals. The graphics were stronger but the organization was still a bit confusing. The payment allowed for upgraded features but without it, user is unsure of what’s available.


In Person Research Synthesis


I narrowed down True Dish's focus through affinity mapping. I conducted user interviews about eating habits, processes and lifestyles. After interviewing four individuals, I mapped out their responses.


User Flow

user flow-2.jpg

Site Map

site map.jpg

Paper Prototype


Features for MVP

Filter Search for Recipes

This search also helps users find new recipes through categorized searches or as they meander through the app. 

Recommended Recipes

A recommendations list of recipes is built from ingredients users saved as their favorites. This will help users find better recipes they might like more quickly. 

Saved Favorites

Saving favorite ingredients or recipes helps developers build a user recommended list and also what’s most likely to come up first in a search. Users will find more recipes they like! 

Ingredients Information

While some users may not find this relevant, some may find knowing information about their ingredients helpful. 


Onboarding pages for new users, home page navigation and recipe example.

Preview Invision prototype here.